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Willie Murney - Murney Trust

For the Murney Main Building and the Fine Lion Restaurant we required a system that was easy to use for multiple employees that controlled several facets of the building. Importantly the end result needed to have a clean look that suited the décor. To achieve this, Blair & James from ElectraServe recommend Control4 & its partner products as it is easy for the end users to control all of the lighting, heating, A/V, blinds and louvers from one device hidden from customers. Using Control4 partner brand speakers with copper clad and painted finished to blend into surroundings as well as hiding all the switches gave us the clean look we requested.


Willie Murney
Murney Trust

Laura Hedwig - RM Designs

RM Designs brief for The Fine Lion was to create a bar and restaurant with high end finishes and meticulous detailing. ElectraServe came to us with the idea of automating the various functions within The Fine Lion during the design phase of the work which we eagerly jumped on board with. The automation of lighting, AV, window treatments and exterior louvres meant that we did not have to have numerous wall mounted switches or remote controls. Not only did this allow us to keep the walls clear of visual clutter, it also streamlined the operation of the venue for the staff working there. Furthermore, ElectraServe went above and beyond in terms of finishing visible elements such a speaker grilles. Speakers were either custom wet sprayed or bespoke manufactured in copper in order to blend in with the architecture. 


Laura Hedwig
Creative Lead - RM Designs