Local Business Honoured at National Conference

ElectraServe Commended for Home Automation Work

On February 10th, accredited dealers and suppliers of home automation company Control4 gathered at the Millbrook Resort in Queenstown for the 2016 AVA Pacific Dealer Conference. The two-day conference hosted company representatives from the U.S. and New Zealand, as well as delegates from businesses across the country that are authorised to supply and install these systems.

In addition to showcasing the latest developments in AVA home automation technology as well as providing training in the newest software, the conference included an awards ceremony, in which national business submitted presentations of their best work in consideration for different prize categories.

Ashburton electrical company and authorised Control4 dealer ElectraServe was up for 3 national awards: "Best Audio Visual Rack," "Best Lighting Panel," and "Best Project over $100,000". Amongst the dozen other competitors, ElectraServe won first place for the "Best Audio Visual Rack" and was highly commended in the other categories. General Manager Blair Watson was thrilled to come away with the certificate of excellence. "It's really rewarding to be recognised on a national level for all of the hard work, skill, and effort our technicians put into their jobs," he said. "To have earned this distinction is just further proof that we have the ability to produce excellent, quality results for our customers."

James Reid, ElectraServe's home automation technician and the electrician behind the winning job, was equally as delighted to have earned the honour. "It's always great to be presented with some acknowledgment for something you've worked so hard on," he said, "but what's even more exciting are the possibilities this will open up for home automation in the future. With Control4 gaining recognition across New Zealand, more people will become aware of all the things they can do with these systems."

This year's Queenstown conference was the first time dealers' work has been showcased and recognised. As the company was founded in the U.S., the American representatives were present to  judge the awards. It was a great opportunity for them to see first-hand the way their technology has been utilised here in New Zealand, and they were blown away by the high calibre of the work.

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Home Automation

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From lighting and window shades to security and alarm systems, ElectraServe can provide technology that allows you to customize scenes and settings to coincide with time of day, season, mood, and even your lifestyle. Set your outside lights to automatically come on at sunset and go off again at sunrise. Program your heatpump to switch on to your desired temperature before you return home from work, ensuring a comfortable arrival. Ready for bed? Hit your "Goodnight" button and have your shades lower, the lights dim, and your doors lock and initiate the security system.

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Home automation isn't just for safety and convenience -- you can have fun with it, too. Create personalized mood scenes to control everything from your lighting to your entertainment system to even your spa pool or BBQ. Movie Night, Game Day, Date Night, Dinner Party -- set an ambiance with just the press of a button!

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