Heat Pumps and Air Conditioning by ElectraServe

Hi-wall heat pumps, Floor-standing heat pumps, ducted heat pumps, ceiling concealed heat pumps!

We sell, install and service most brands of heat pumps, and best of all, we tailor make systems to suit your home.

Talk to our professional air conditioning specialists about the option of ducted or multi room systems to keep your home healthy and at the perfect temperature all year round.

Size Does Matter!

Like many appliances, heat pumps are available in many different sizes. It is the heating capacity that you need to look at when finding the right heat pump for your home.

The size of the heat pump you will need is dependent on the size of the space you would like to heat. A heat pump that is too small for the space it needs to heat will have to work overtime to get it up to temperature and you will most likely not achieve the results you desire.

Having an ElectraServe heat pump installer visit your home is usually the safest option before purchasing, call us today on 308 9008 or book a job on this website for a heat pump consultation.

Ducted Systems

Ducted heat pump units are the ultimate hidden cooling solution with only grilles visible. The perfect way to heat or cool your home unobtrusively, if you don't like wall units interrupting your decor and room design.

Come visit our showroom...

We are pleased to have the latest heat pump designs by Mitsubishi in our showroom! Check out the sleek new black model which looks superb with modern decor and now we are able to install it higher up on the wall for a more subtle look.

The complete package

And don't forget servicing. Your car needs servicing to run at it's optimum and so does your heat pump. We get rather concerned by out of town companies calling to service heat pumps at ridiculous prices, and are very happy to offer a complete service for your unit for a fraction of the price. Any questions? please ask, we are only too happy to help you.