Air Conditioning, Heat Pumps & Ventilation

Servicing & Repairs

Recommended by Manufactures

Manufacturers recommend regular servicing of heat pumps. By maintaining a clean unit, it runs more efficiently and is less likely to have faults or breakdown.

Early fault detection - Some faults can be detected while carrying out a service. If this happens, we can provide you with advise and offer you a quote to repair if necessary to further reduce wear and tear on the unit.

Residential and Commercial

Our professional technicians are trained to carry out both residential and commercial heat pump servicing.

Flexible timing to suit your unit and environment - Residential servicing is recommended to be completed every 12 months. Where as commercial servicing is recommended every three to six months. The frequency can differ depending on the operational environment and how much dirt and dust may build up in the unit.

Easy Reminders for peace of mind

After a reminder when your heat pump service is due? We can do that to! Let us help reduce the hassle of remembering when the last time your service was completed, we can make contact with you when your service becomes due and make contact to arrange your next service.

Here when you need us

Services can be carried out any time of the year. To book your next service, click here - and we will take care of your booking!